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 1.  a magical or medicinal potion.

 2. an alchemic preparation believed to be capable of extending  life and youthfulness.


What We Do

Elixir By Bita is a health & beauty brand that offers honest and high-quality essential oils at a reasonable price point to those who are starting their journey of awareness into a more conscious and holistic lifestyle. 


Why We Do It

Quite simply, it is the belief of our brand that you shouldn't need to compromise quality, aesthetic, or cost to get a good product from an honest source. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to create high-quality and trustworthy natural products, and eliminate the unnecessary mark-ups by selling directly to our customers. This means that we can afford to provide the best quality oils at a reasonable price.


All of our oils are 100% pure. We don't add any fillers, diluting oils, or unnatural chemicals. From Australia to Germany, our ingredients are sourced from farms globally, and bottled in the US. We work with third party suppliers and certification systems to ensure that the potency, quality, and integrity of our oils are not compromised in any way. 


We are here to break the myth that you need to compromise the aesthetic of a luxury brand to achieve all-natural products at an affordable price. Our founder's background is deep rooted in the study of design, and each of our products are thoughtfully created and design by Bita, with aesthetic in mind. 


Prices in the essential oil industry would indicate that high-quality oils are expensive, and affordable oils compromise quality. In reality, the industry is dominated by multi-level marketing schemes which require brands to have unreasonable mark-ups for less-than-best quality oils. Because we offer our products directly to you online, we are able to give you the highest quality at a fraction of the cost, while cutting out the "middleman".


Meet Bita.

My family immigrated to the US when I was only 5. My mother, a trained esthetician, put me on a skin care regiment from the age of 15, fearing sun spots and wrinkles. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I started becoming aware of the ingredients I was putting on my body.

How could I be so particular about eating healthy and pay such little attention to the ingredients I put on top of my largest organ- my skin? It was only after I started reading the ingredients of my face oils, lotions, and makeup that I realized – I don’t know what any of these chemicals are!

It did not take long for me to realized that finding reliable, honest, good quality, and reasonably priced health & beauty products is not as easy as it should be. And so it began…my journey into the alchemy of beauty- with a conscience. I started formulating essential oil blends and face oils out of a need to navigate the world of all-natural healing and beauty without breaking the bank. My intention was first to create a healing blend for everything I needed but couldn’t find in the market… and soon Elixir By Bita was born.



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