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Top 10 Best Essential Oil Blend Brands

Today, essential oil blends are the go-to remedy as we become more conscious of the way we medicate our ailments. Essential oil blends are usually purified from plants and are most commonly used for aromatherapy and herbal remedies. Basically, essential oils act as an all-natural solution to almost anything!
So, essential oils are called “essentials” because they are made with the most essential extracts of certain plants. For this reason, high-quality oils are usually very strong and should be used correctly for best results. Fear not! - The strong essence of these oils does not mean they are harmful to use. There are so many ways to use essential oils that they will undoubtedly be one of the most ‘essential’ products in your home once you start!
There are tons of essential oil blend brands in the market, but we have done our homework to find the Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands with blends to help make it easy for you to start on your path of all-natural healing!

The Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands For Blends

With so many option, essential oil brands are highly competitive in producing the best products for quality, use, and price. The following are the top 10 best essential oil brands for oil blends in the market:
  1. Young Living Essential Oil
The brand young living has the remarkable product of essential oils and blends with many categories. Their essential oil produces sweet aroma which can heal your body and mind effectively. Price-wise, you pay a premium with individual oils around $50 each, but as we all know, you get what you pay for in the world of essential oils.
Young Living products come in different categories including essential oil singles, essential oil blends, roll-ons, massage oils, collections, tools and accessories.
Every individual oil blend has a different purpose to give you the best results. Their products are made with pure natural plants and herbs, and formulated in a scientific way by maintaining the main essence of the herbal product. Young Living essential oils will give you a peaceful mind and body wherever you go with some of the world’s most pleasant scents.
  1. doTERRA Essential Oil
The brand doTERRA is well tested and certified by Pure Therapeutic Grade®. They have single oils, proprietary blends, deep blue and much more. You can use them daily for all different purposes.
Their products will help you with health issues from breathing problems to the digestive issues. Product also come with tips to guide you toward the most effective treatments. They have a shelf life of up to 5 years. And can be used on a daily basis. doTerra can be considered one of the highest ranking quality oils in the market. The best option for when price is not an issue! Customers pay a $35 for the membership to get access to the best products of this brand through their website.
  1. Art Naturals
Art Naturals offers very high-quality essential oils with different categories and uses for different purposes, and works perfectly as a healing oil. The pure essential oils, essential oils sets, carrier oils, and roller balls are amazing remedies and have extremely soothing scents.
The extract of Art Natural essential oils are powerful when used for aromatherapy. They can be used by inhaling to calm the mind and body and reduce stress. They can also help with appetite!
This brand is best known for the aroma of its incredibly powerful oils. Their energizing oils are guaranteed to help uplift your mood and boost your energy. And as an added benefit, as some regular essential oil users know,  Art Naturals oils are not greasy or overpowering, making them useful for a lot of common every-day uses! Moreover, their skin sensitive formulas can be applied to your skin for hydration, minor pain relief, irritation, and for blood circulation.
  1. NOW Essential Oils
NOW Essential Oils is one of the leading brands for natural oil products among all other natural oil brands in the industry. They have a huge selection of essential oils and oil blends which offer a number of benefits to the body, mind and soul.
If you’re feeling daring, the fine texture and quality of NOW essential oils mix well with many other ingredients and set with nice smell base for oil blends that you may want to create for yourself. The oils are not thick and greasy in texture, which makes them blend more easily, and sink into the skin.
If you suffer from insomnia then it may be worth it for you to try NOW Peaceful Sleep oil blend to purify your mind by reducing stress levels and help ease you into a sleep state.
NOW pure essential oils also help to stimulate blood circulation by balancing and improving your blood circulation, and strengthening your nervous system. Moreover, their Purify & Cleanse oils can be diffused to purify air with deep disinfecting properties. You will get tons of benefits from the vast array of  NOW oil blend products. They are a fairly affordable brand and are definitely worth their penny.
  1. Native American Nutritionals Essential Oils
The brand Native American Nutritionals Oils are now called Rocky Mountain Essential Oils. Due to the high potency of herbal essential oils, some oils tend to be too strong for kids and babies, so this line offers solutions for both! They a collection for moms & kids …because it is never too early! Their oil blends offer remedy blends to help immune and cleanse, heal, soothe, and much more. They come in singles, and can be purchased on their site based on the remedy you want to target, making it very easy to shop with intention!
Their essential oil blends help relieve issues that affect your health, like lack of sleep and respiratory issues, and their sweet smelling energizing oils give you a much needed boost and encourage productivity when you need it most. They even have a skin care collection of essential oil blends which helps to give you radiant and soft skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines by blending the oils into your pre-existing daily skin regiment.
Their mood enhancing oil blends (such as their Calming blend) are a perfect way to set a tranquil and positive vibe before meditation or yoga. They also have cleaning essential oils which can be diffused to protect your space (germ-free without the clinical smell of most diffusers!- Love this).  
  1. Radha Beauty
Radha Beauty is a fairly new brand making a large impact on new users. They offer a range of essential oil blends at a very affordable cost and are a perfect selection for those of us just dipping our feet into the sweet aromatic space of essential oil aromatherapy without investing an arm and a leg. Radha Beauty is a holistic brand which offers everything from oils to the diffuser itself. Their small starter kits are the perfect way to test out various individual oils and oil blends to see where your scent profile preference lies. They truly are the leading starter pack brand for people who are new to the world of essential oils, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a large following of people who swear by their brand. Check out there 31k+ follower page on instagram (@radhabeauty) to see how their customers are putting their oils to use, and get inspired!
They have 100% pure quality oils which help to heal a range of common issues like headaches, anxiety,  and and focus imbalance. Their skin care oils also help to regulate oily and dry skin, and they even have hair products that help promote hair growth! They’ve earned their spot on this list based on their vast variety of products that all come highly recommended on Amazon.
  1. Majestic Pure
Majestic Pure offers a one essential oil blend set which helps remedy all common issues that essential oil blends are used for at a very affordable price. Their blend set consists of a breath, muscle, sleep, health, mind, and stress remedy aromatherapy oils, and is a great set to consider when starting on your holistic herbal remedy path. With all natural ingredients and different plants including rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, lemon oil, lavender, ginger root, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove, Majestic Pure oils are a great starting point and basic oil product for those of us that use our oils abundantly!  
Their products are 100% pure and natural and can be used as aromatherapy for different purposes and every day stresses of life.
You can tell VITRUVI was created out of a passion for botanicals. This Canadian based brand is also targeted specifically at millennial women with a vision of “taking care of yourself so you can take care of the World”. How beautiful is that?! We love any brand which takes a lot of consideration into its aesthetic and that is something that VITRUVI does well. Their beautiful essential oil bottles are priced reasonably, and offer 100% essential oils in blends and separates.
This brand has 4 different categories of essential oils including Citrus, Floral, Woodsy and Herbal, to address any mood you may swing through during your day.
Our favorite blend- The Dusk Blend- is formulated to help you drift off into sleep and calm all of your senses after a stressful day taking care of the World!

9. Healing Solutions Essential Oils

Healing Solutions is a direct-to-cutomer essential oil company which cuts out the middle man that boosts the cost of good quality essential oils. As a rule of thumb, this is ALWAYS a good thing because it allows for companies to provide better quality products at prices that are fair. HHealing Solutions has 100% pure essential oil blend sets that serve to remedy a large number of issues ranging from headaches, to stress, to muscle aches and everything in between. They even offer a Love Blend- which is our favorite blend of all! And whats more- when you shop with them, you can shop by mood, eliminating the guessing game of what oil is perfect for you.

 10. Elixir By Bita

Making it on the list of brands to watch, Elixir By Bita is a health and beauty brand targeted at honest, high quality oils, with high design aesthetic in mind. Elixir By Bita fills the gap between high-quality “granola” products found at the local farmer’s market, with a high-end aesthetic and attention to detail found in luxury retailers, from ingredient, to packaging. Elixir By Bita offers an essential oil blend set that targets healing each Chakra from the Crown to the Root, by offering highly potent blends for sleep, focus, breath, cleansing, digestion, energy, and relaxation.  
After decades of using essential oils for every day ailments, creator Bita decided to put her knowledge of oils to good use in creating and formulating a range of oil products which address everything in the market she had trouble finding. These 100% natural oils absorb easily into the skin, are highly potent for diffusing with base oils, and each individually work to remedy a vast array of ailments. Each oil comes formulated with 5-8 various 100% natural herbal oils, each of which are powerful remedies for the mind and body.  
Best of all, the Chakra Set of oil blends comes with a set of hand-engraved Chakra Gem Stones, and an 8-page informational pamphlet which explains the use of each oil, each Chakra, and the power of each stone.
Elixir By Bita believes that in the world of natural healing, quality cannot be compromised. And because the product is only sold direct-to-consumer, prices are designed to be affordable without the unnecessary markups and the compromise of quality.
The oils are all formulated and produced in the US, and plants have been sourced globally, including Spanish Marjoram, Siberian Fir Needle, German Chamomile, and Australian Tea Tree.